PHP Ordering System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

In this system, you will be able to add products, upload product image, add user and make order transaction. I am using PayPal as a payment gateway. The main feature of this system is the shopping cart. You will also see which product has the highest and lowest quantity using a graph. Additionally, it has […]

PHP Online Virtual Assistant System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Library – Search Engine for thesis and capstone records. A search engine system for capstone/thesis of the students in the school. It allows administrator to manage accounts of students that are able to use the system. Manage Course and Category courses that is offered in the school. Records Projects of the students who submitted or […]

PHP Student Information Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Student Information Management System is a student-level data collection system that allows the Department to collect and analyze more accurate and comprehensive information. Student information systems provide capabilities for entering student records, tracking student attendance, and managing many other student-related data needs in a college or university. Student Information Management System Handling inquiries from prospective […]

PHP Web based Resource Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Modules of this project: Project Management Module: This module includes management of projects, project levels, tasks, notes, Project statistics, Project planning, Analysis, members developing this project, etc. Schedule Module: This scheduler module enables users to share project schedule with the other users or employees.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Project Tracker: This module […]

PHP Human Resource Support System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a human resource support system that was build using PHP and MySql. The main features of this human resource system are displaying employee information, travel order and contract. This system also includes printing and archiving of reports. Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. 3. Run the xampp control […]

PHP Online Pre Enrollment and Grade Inquiry System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This system is an Online Pre Enrollment and Grade inquiry Using php/mysql. The feature of this system are the ff. Student -can pre enroll online -can login to his/her account -can view his/her profile -edit profile picture and personal details -view grades -view payment account -view offenses commit teacher -view/edit profile -submit multiple grade in […]

PHP Online Entrance Exam System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Online Entrance Exam System is a system made with PHP and MYSQL (for database) Features. 1. Student Login 2. Teacher / Instructor Login How it Works Instructor creates account for a student so that a student can log in and do the exam. Once a student has log in, he can not log in again […]

PHP Gym Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Features: – you can add users. – you can delete users. – invoices can be made for each gym members in pdf form. – status of user. – payment by users. Download Here:

PHP Simple College Website PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is the simple website for the college or school. It uses simple HTML, PHP, CSS, and MySQL. It has the Admission, Courses, About Us, Contact Us, Feedback Us, Our Campus Life, and Mission – Vision menu button on the website. Download Here:

PHP Simple Forum System PHP/MySQL Source Code

A forum, or message board, is a discussion where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived. Also, depending on the access level of a user or the forum set-up, a […]