PHP Health Insurance Card System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This System will help customers to get insurance card easily,and this card we be valid for one year…. after checking the client information ,the administrators will confirming the insurance… else the information are wrong the card will be send to the problem page…. Download Here:

PHP Online Exam System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online examination system is a app for setup online quiz with so many functionality. It is a PHP project. Instalation :: step 1)Copy full folder in your web directory. 2)Import database in your phpmyadmin named project.sql. 3)Edit dbconnection file.change username,password and database name.Default user is root,password is null and database name is project. Default admin […]

PHP Mobile Phone Tracking System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a very good Computer science Project Source Code and application On Mobile Phone Tracking which is a PHP based Project. This project can also be used by IT, MCA, BCA and other computer related branch for there Major PHP project. The web application is create using PHP with MySQL as database. The Mobile […]

PHP Classroom Management System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Classroom Management System is commonly used by the teachers to ensures that classroom lessons run smoothly. This system allows users to upload documents in word, excel or power point format and images also. Teachers can also post quizzes and can be take by the students if they’re already registered to the system. Download Here:

PHP School Web Manager PHP/MYSQl Source Code

School Web Tech is my project created in PHP/mysql. It’s a multipurpose school management software that can be used by various schools worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. It can be used to manage students, teachers, employees, courses/subjects, teachers and students payments, grading and all the system and process related to running […]

PHP Billing System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Software for managing accounts of the GEC coperative store as well as the billing of the transactions. Guidelines: *Filenames start with small letters,preferably avoid underscores. Eg,use addItem.php instead of Add_Item.php *Variable names must start with small letters too. *Create/Edit installation script wherever the user configuration must occour. Download Here:

PHP Simple Messaging System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a simple messaging system in php. Easy to embed in your websites. Create database named ‘message’ and import pm.sql and user.sql. Download Here:

PHP Inventory tracking System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Default SQL config is ‘root’, ‘pass’ SQL tables have to be created and populated with product data, because transactions depend on the inventory table. Download Here:

PHP Student Information System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Student Information System is a php application created as a college project. It’s a simple student records maintenance app built on WAMP. Provides the ability to add student records including their profile info and 4 year semester wise internal and external marks. Download Here:

PHP web-based reservation system PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

phpMyReservation is a web-based reservation system. It is based on HTML5, PHP and MySQL, and it is free and open source. It was originally written to replace the paper-based reservation system used to reserve a washing machine used by many people where I live. Since it has other potential uses, and can be useful to […]