PHP Online Tax Mapping PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a tax mapping system programmed using PHP/MySQL. I write this code to help other programmer who found difficulty on creating their own tax mapping system. The feature of this system are the following: – secure login – image map using area tag – popup map details – add/manage land owners details – live […]

PHP Log System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This program enables to do the following: 1. add record 2. edit record 3. pagination 4. deleting of records 5. tracking of users activities –> hope to give you a good sample of a php program. thank you. Espionage

PHP Social Networking System for Beginners PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Social networking like site i didn’t knew much at start. So whatever I did I’m adding here. It’s simple project ever so all the best!!!!!!! Download Here:

PHP Universal Crop Insurance System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

NFUCIP/Universal Crop Insurance System will help farmers recover immediately from crop losses due to such as plant disease, pest infestation, typhoons, floods, drought, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. It will ensure that farmers’ investments are protected. Download Here:

PHP Online Inventory System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The system is designed to enhance the existing inventory process of an agency. It is also my capstone project during my MSIT. The system is not updated but has almost the complete features of my updated one. Hope you like it. admin: username:jameel password:jameel email me at Download Here:

PHP Online Membership System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys. This online membership script is my project in our school. In this script, you will see an awesome graphical user interface and is user friendly. To access the admin just add “/admin” in the URL. The features of this system are: Signup for the member Upload photos Add/edit/ delete function for the admin. […]

PHP Student Enrollment System Projects PHP/MYQL Source Code

This is a good Computer science PHP project code on Enrollment System. This project can be used by all computer related branches. Enrollment system is used to register Students to a particular course and generate there fee slip. The project has admin page, register page, payment success etc. It uses MySQL as a back end […]

PHP Online Justice System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Has laws and penal codes to search for offences and sentences. A system to store penal codes if one wants to know the sentences of a certain crime they can search and find login as admin to post penal codes and sentences, from the the front end one just searches for the penal codes and […]

PHP Drag and Drop Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hello guys I have created new voting system that I created for our Philippines Society of Information Technology Students (PSITS) organization in our school this system is use by our club and test during our PSITS election. It has a good graphical user interface (GUI) and User friendly Environment. The features of this system are […]

PHP Parcel Management System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a PHP system intended to show database manipulation tactics. I can send the parcel, while the recepient can receive it on the other end. Feel free to modify the code. See mi in facebook via username karis.hacker Download Here: