PHP Electronic Voting System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

AN ELECTRONIC VOTING SYSTEM This is an electronic voting system developed using php as the front-end and Mysql as the back-end. It is developed to eliminate the conventional paper ballot system being practice in some countries . Features: 1.) It is Secured. 2.) It is fast and confident. 3.) Result are accurate. 4.) Reduce crowd […]

PHP Time Recorder System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This Program can do the following tasks… **Users —–Add, Edit, Delete Users **Logs —–Admin users can Add, Edit, Delete Time Logs. **Print —–Print Timesheet If you find this program helpful, please let me know by clicking the Like Button, If you want to contact me, please send me an email DONT JUST COMMENT USING […]

PHP Event Registration System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Hi guys this event registration system is useful in registering the all of the participants in a particular event. You can also network this system if you know how to network the localhost for faster registering of participants this system is easy to use user friendly hope that sourcecode help you a lot thank you. […]



PHP LAN Based Entrance Examination PHP/MySQL Source Code

Hi everyone, I upload this code to help everybody that encountered difficulties in creation of their own lan based entrance examination. The feature of this code is it has a timer, wherein the student are allowed to take quiz in a certain duration of time. it has also a facilitator page wherein his function is […]

PHP Online Ordering System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is an Online ordering system written using PHP/MySQL. The features of this system are the following: – order product online – upload product design online – add, edit, delete product – send order confirmation via email – manage online order – Ajax hierarchical combobox for payment method. – add delivery charge outside the coverage […]

PHP Bus Ticket Reservation System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

PHP sample projects source code: Bus ticket reservation with dynamic form processing code in PHP. This is very simple PHP script for students and PHP beginners. This sample script can run in both the localhost and internet servers. You just extract the given PHP zip file and make use of it. PROJECT DETAILS: This simple […]

PHP Online Tax Mapping PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a tax mapping system programmed using PHP/MySQL. I write this code to help other programmer who found difficulty on creating their own tax mapping system. The feature of this system are the following: – secure login – image map using area tag – popup map details – add/manage land owners details – live […]

PHP Log System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This program enables to do the following: 1. add record 2. edit record 3. pagination 4. deleting of records 5. tracking of users activities –> hope to give you a good sample of a php program. thank you. Espionage

PHP Social Networking System for Beginners PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Social networking like site i didn’t knew much at start. So whatever I did I’m adding here. It’s simple project ever so all the best!!!!!!! Download Here: