PHP Employee payroll and Task Management System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Our project Employee payroll and Task Management System is an online application which created to check Number of employees in each branch, Employees records, Tasks and time frame, attendance records, salary details, etc. Employee attendance, Payroll accounting, Task Management, Salary calculations, etc are the main objectives of this web application. In this application Administrator creates […]

PHP ROTC Enrollment System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ROTC Enrollment system , I want to share this Enrollment system using PHP,HTML,CSS, Boostrap . Here you can enroll a student and view all by type. In this system already filter by Semester .You can learn easily . 1. Create Database – rotc 2. Upload the sql on sql folder. 3.done -Default Username: admin […]

PHP Social Networking Site System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple social networking site using php called “NEtlinked”. This system allow adding of friend, delete friend, upload photos, messages and many more. Hope that this system will help you in your research. Thank you 😛 database:db Download Here:

PHP Bus Ticket Reservation System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

PHP sample projects source code: Bus ticket reservation with dynamic form processing code in PHP. This is very simple PHP script for students and PHP beginners. This sample script can run in both the localhost and internet servers. You just extract the given PHP zip file and make use of it. PROJECT DETAILS: This simple […]

PHP Car Wash Booking Online System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is a Car Wash Booking with the following modules; 1. admin 2. user registration 3. admin panel For more information contact us on website: blog: htttp:// enjoy ur day Download Here:

PHP School Enrollment System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This PHP Project is a Simple Enrollment System Which Help in Maintaining the Student Record in a School.It is a professional school of different prefessions. Enrollment system is a good step for the school. Enrollment system is useful specially when the school retrieves the important information from the student. In the enrollment system, the school […]

PHP League Manager System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

There are many league matches are playing online which consist of many databases which needs to be managed online. The Idea of making this project is Inspired by the online games and league which consist of large and huge database.So that why I made this project to used for publishing and managing the database of […]

PHP Drugs Verification system PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This project work is a web-base online drugs verification and authentication system and the coding is proposed to use Java programming language and MySQL for the database. On accessing the programming language, Java programming language is good skill set for a software development, it is also enriched with scripting that can be use to create […]

PHP Students Affair Information System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This Students Affair Information System in PHP and MySQL. This system has two accounts, Admin and Guest. Admin features: -Admin must log in to access admin page. (Admin name: admin; Password: password) -Insert/Update/Delete scholarship program, student scholar, membership and members. Guest: -Search students in scholarship section. -View students, scholarship, membership, and members of school organizations. […]

PHP Online Voting System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Online voting system for schools and every department. Main Features are : 1. You can edit, add, delete candidate information. 2. You can edit, add, delete voter information. 3. You can print and canvas the result immediately. 4. You can set the start and end time of voting. Download Here: