PHP Upload and Download Files Tutorial Source Code

In this project you can learn here how to upload and download files using php. The user can only upload with this format pdf, txt, html, htm, exe, zip, doc, xls, ppt, gif, png, jpeg, jpg and php. Hope this will help you in your project. Download Here:

PHP How to Calculate Age from Date of Birth Tutorial Source Code

This simple project will make you learn on how to calculate a persons age based from their specific date of birth using PHP. This simple project can be very useful. Hope this project will help you. Download Here:

PHP Create and Download as ZIP file Tutorial Source Code

This project is going to show you how to create and download in zip file in multiple files in PHP. You can choose files that you want to download in zip format. This project can be useful for web projects that providing text files, PDF’s, word documents, images, etc. DB name: demo.sql Download Here:

PHP How To Make Delete Multiple Rows Tutorial Source Code

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on How To Make Delete Multiple Rows Using PHP. The features of this project is to add a data then, delete multiple data using check box as our selector. Hope you find this useful. Download Here:

PHP Searching Without refresh Ajax Jquery Tutorial Source Code

This project will show you on how to search data without the page refresh using JQuery and AJAX. It will be very convenient for the users because they dont have to wait for the datas or files to load. You can search for keywords from a field from an existing table and can easily search […]

PHP Instagram responsive photo gallery Tutorial Source Code

Introducing INSTALIKE! What is Instalike? Instalike is a responsive instagram like photo gallery that uses foundation framework to be viewable on any device. How to install it? Download wamp or xampp Extract the file to your www(wamp) or htdocs(xampp) folder. Create database db_instalike and import the database included in the file. Edit dbc.php to your […]

PHP PDO Paginator Tutorial Source Code

This is a paginator script that will give a delightful and easy pagination for your application. Please download the application and have read the instructions provided on how to use this script. Any query or question will be well accomodated with answers. Download Here:

PHP Online Local Election System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online Local Election System PHP MySQL Source Code a sample project for the end term in one of the Information Technology subject which is Programming with database application. It features the following information and options: Options for the Administrator; 1. The admin can view, add,edit and delete list of voters 2. The admin can also […]