PHP SchoolWebTech PHP/MYSQL Source Code

School Web Tech is my project created in PHP/mysql. It’s a multipurpose school management software that can be used by various schools worldwide for all administration, management and learning related activities. It can be used to manage students, teachers, employees, courses/subjects, teachers and students payments, grading and all the system and process related to running […]

PHP Online Advance Online Voting System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

If you want to create an online voting system only using PHP & MySQLi then it’s very easy to create. I’ll teach you the process step by step on this page with source code. The voting system or online poll is a kind of contesting system which you can create for comparing the popularity of […]

PHP Simple Barcode Integration System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Users can input item using barcode or using manual input..The goal of this simple system is to calculate item prices using barcode display the price and item code width the use of barcode scanner.. You can also improve this system.. to run the system..just copy the folder named db1 to C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.1.30\data. paste the db1 […]

PHP Online Library Catalog System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This system is in a title of Online Library Catalog. Admin Account Username: admin Password: admin .Search book Shelves. If book is available it will show Number of copies/Shelf number If Book Subject for replacement/Lost Won’t show Copies/Shelf Number Advance it ain’t complete. CSS – Bootstrap Language- PHP/MySQL Download Here:

PHP Online Travel Agency System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online Travel Agency System which I created for my final year collage final project Use it for Learning don’t use it for business If u have any problem or error contact me any time i give u feedback Download Here:

PHP Web-Based School Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

# ECIT 1.0 # Point release 2.1.0: 16/11/2015 # Introduction # Welcome to ECIT! ECIT – e ducation Connect Identity Tolerance ECIT has a designated of selective cores specifically fitted to the requirements of school campus. ECIT is designed considering range of managing multi-functions within entire school campus. With the use of ECIT , employee […]

PHP Students Assignment Feedback System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Assignment feedback system project is designed to reduce work for lecturers by providing exact time for submitting assignments and give grades for students.Faculty can give feedback to every student based on his assignment status. Student will have limited access to faculty for viewing his test results. Download Here:

PHP Car Park Management System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

I have developed another version of Carpark management system due to lots of requests. I have used PHP, Mysql, and Bootstrap. This system has got both client and admin interfaces. High-level Admin has got the access level of 0, all other admins have an access level of 1 while clients’ access level is 2. Features […]

PHP Simple Restaurant Dynamic Website System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Good Day! This simple project is a dynamic website using php and mysql. This simple website is for advertising products online. For admin login, add /admin in your url and the username and password is admin and the sql name is ats. Download Here:

PHP Motor Dealer Catalog App System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Motor Dealer Catalog app. User interface (Front-end): HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Logical part / Database (Back-end): PHP & MySQL. Features:  Data consistency Easy to interact Easy to upload data and delete Easy to enter new data Easy record keeping Backup data can be easily generated Software: Xampp or Easy PHP Installation steps (configuration) 1. […]