PHP Inventory System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Online Inventory System is an online application written in PHP and MySQL with security features like secure login system, and prevention of XSS and SQL Injection attacks. It allows store manager to manage the inventory online by entering his/her login credentials. Download Here:

PHP Fashion Clothes Online Shop System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Sweet Berries Fashion store is a website designed in PHP that is able to receive online orders from customers, with a simple sleek design available for use. Steps in Installing Extract the project to your localhost directory Open your browser and then type in the address bar: http://localhost/phpmyadmin Create database and then import the sql […]

PHP Ticket System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple ticket system using html/php and mysql. Download Here:

PHP Online Diary Management System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This program is an example of online diary management system using PHP. It has the following features: Edit events Add events Update Events Add,Edit,Update contact and many more. Hope you learn from this. Download Here:

PHP Voting System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Multiple voting rooms 2 levels of accounts – Admin, Teacher Registration Authentication with cookies Graphical output of results Administration – Voting – Graphical output of results Text output of results Editing of votings, questions and possibilities Removing of votings, questions and possibilities Users – Overview, deleting, editing Additional settings – Setting cookie on student PCs […]

PHP Simple Order System PROJECT PHP/MYSQL Source Code

Simple Login for PHP does pretty much what it says: it’s a lightweight order system for ordering products. It’s going to be used for trade accounts where it will generate pro-formas, then invoices as required, and more stuff that I’ve not decided yet. The aim of this project is to keep things as customisable as […]

PHP Identity Card Processing and Generation System Project PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is Identity Card Processing and Generation System . And, we have a sample source code. You can use this to your future project. Download Here:

PHP Hotel Reservation and Billing System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This is a Hotel Reservation and Billing w/ create procedure and trigger and have 2 user admin and cashier admin : username = reggie@0430 and password = admin cashier : username = marymoon and password = cashier requirements php5.0 or higher features: Create Procedure and Trigger using Mysqli description : the user who add edit […]

PHP Codeigniter Lending System PHP/MySQL Source Code

Lending system. Steps to run the system 1.Create Database name CLI and import the database cli. 2.Upload the file to your server directory. 3 Import the database from the file. 4.account: password:password Hope this system guide you and this will be usefull without any warranty For more info Please PM me or at […]

PHP Projects Monitoring System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

A simple application for monitoring a given company’s projects.. IT SOLVES THE FOLLOWING PROBLEMS 1.Problem of keeping projects information 2.Difficulty of keeping track of projects schedules 3.Difficulty of keeping track of how resources are being used during project implementation 4.Difficulty to receive notifications about different projects 5.Difficulty in generating projects reports The system solves these […]