PHP e-Learning System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

Read topics and take quizzes/activities. Take quizzes with random questions and Calculate score. Administrator page for editing & inserting questions/activities. MySql support. Download Here:

PHP Online Musical Instrument Selling System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

The system was design by den topasi and re-develop by me… import database in xampp to go in admin page of the website musical/login.php Download Here:

PHP Merchandising Online Ordering System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This system will allow the user to order products like computers, digital camera, Laptops, Ipads, Tablets, Net book computers via this website. I wrote this code using PHP/MySQL, CSS, Javascript and HTML. Feel free to use this code in your web programming projects. Download Here:

PHP Records Management PHP/MySQL Source Code

This Record Management System is designed to manage and provide a convenient arrangement of records, especially those archiving documents inside the Records Office. The Record Section is the communication center where the users stores active and inactive files, record issuance, implementing the policies and procedures of the record management, formulate the policy statement and information […]

PHP Invoice Generator System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This program will generate invoice receipt using PHP and MySQL. The invoice receipt can be used in any business transaction that you can apply it. The code is very short and easy to understand. This “Invoice Generator 1.0” post developed using PHP language, and the difficulty level of this post is “Intermediate Level”. Visitors have […]

PHP User Information System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This code in PHP and MySQL that I wrote is for my web programming class in college a simple user information system to manage the records of the users in a company. Download Here: Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

PHP Book Author Information System Project PHP/MySQL Source Code

This application will help the librarian in the library to record the different authors of the book. This system will ensure the accuracy and availability of books in the library. Download Here:

PHP School Payment System PHP/MySQL Source Code

This is an autmated school payment system made using web programming approaches like HTML5, PHP,MySql,jQuery and ajax. The main features of this school payment system can add,edit and delete student,class,monthly fees and it can also generate r eport. User login: username: waqas password: waqas Instructions: 1. Download the source code. 2. Extract the compressed folder. […]

PHP Online Leave System PHP/MYSQL Source Code

This project is designed while in attachment at nzoia sugar company. Employee can apply for leave. Manager will have privileges to approve leaves. Add employees. Edit employee details. User: admin Pass: admin Download Here: